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Chris Morovsky

Genius programmer by day, tech writer by night. At 27, Chris has worked for some of the biggest tech companies in Asia and North America, and has been a key developer for various high-level tech projects in the U.S. He has first-hand experience in implementing streamlined solutions for small-to-medium enterprises, and he specializes in writing about sophisticated software and making it accessible to everyone.
In his spare time, he enjoys music, Rick and Morty, and most importantly, playing (physically and in fantasy leagues), watching, and analyzing basketball, where he shows undying support for the Lakers (at least, until Lebron finds another team!).

Larry Tucker

A self-described “tech geek”, Larry is usually one of the first journalists to cover the release of new tech, from Japanese Robots to American smartphones. Larry writes for multiple tech magazines and websites, and has more than a decade of experience in the industry reviewing gadgets, hardware, and wearable tech gear.

After college, Larry backpacked across Southeast Asia and Europe for a year, building a strong network of professional contacts in the tech industry along the way. He has an impressive collection of Japanese manga (although he refrains from calling himself an Otaku) and speaks 5 languages fluently.

Sarah Pritchett

Sarah is Centerfield Technology’s resident columnist, senior editor, and all-around tech guru. She graduated from an Ivy League school with a double degree in English and Business Management and has interviewed some of the biggest names in the tech industry. Sarah has led seminars on how to modernize business practices for small businesses, and has lectured on digital marketing in various schools in Boston.

Sarah admits to being obsessed with the movie Titanic, even naming her pit bulls Jack and Rose (even though the rest of the team thinks that’s a bit dark). She is also a proud plant parent, owning more than 15 kinds of cacti.

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